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Sustained Progress

The freedom to wander and the power of daily progress.  Music Protest’s innovative Trailhead offers you both through intuitive online music lessons.

Will Edwards

Simply choose a few of your current interests and you’ll have access to lessons within minutes!

Beginner Mixing and Mastering for Audio

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Daily Warm Ups

Warming up every day will keep help you absorb and integrate anything you're trying to learn.

Video Lessons

Every video is concise and to the point. You'll be able to focus and learn quickly - at home or on your mobile device.

Case Studies

Each lesson plan includes a performance element - so you can apply what you know and what you're learning.


Music Protest has plenty of skill-builders, jam packs worksheets to extend your lessons when you want to dive deeper.

How You'll Learn

Re-Focus. Learn.

With lessons designed around concepts, you have the choice to change your focus anytime.

No matter which concepts you choose to focus on, you'll get to-the-point video lessons that will teach you what you need to know.

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