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Making the Most of Online Ableton and Push Lessons

Ableton and Push 2 (it’s instrument sidekick), offer electronic musicians phenomenal  music creation capabilities.  However, for new users there can be a lot to learn.  But, you will become a better musician from learning how to use Ableton and Push 2, I promise!  This duo offers nearly limitless options and they can expand our musical horizons very quickly – in a fun way!

If you’re like me, you are impressed by “pro” users on YouTube or other videos.  Once you see a person use Push 2 effectively, you can’t wait to get your hands on one.  Then, after you throw down a ton of money the REAL work begins 🙂

Ableton Workflow

First, Ableton has always had its own unique workflow.  Push 2 both expands and consolidates this workflow in useful ways.  But, it is totally original and it takes getting used to.  It’s not like ProTools or DP or Cubase.  It’s a DAW, but not exactly…  The session view is dead simple to use at first, but then you’ll discover that much of the creative power is under the hood.   Discovering features like clip envelopes, warping, dummy clips and the groove pool can make you feel inspired one day and crazy the next!  New users will want to adopt a clear workflow in order to stay creative and keep their music fun.

Blending Skillsets

Second, the Push 2 introduces a new (and cohesive) paradigm for music creation.  In order for Push 2 to make sense, you need to adopt a new set of understanding (a.k.a. paradigm).  For example, using colors to navigate instruments and devices is a powerful feature that makes the Push 2 interface very elegant.  You’ll benefit from a well-rounded musical skillset as an electronic musician using Ableton and Push 2. Skills you’ll want to develop for daily use are:

  • Music theory knowledge
  • Sound design principles and skills
  • Confidence working with MIDI
Create and Learn

The music creation workflow with Ableton and Push 2 will be most enjoyable for electronic musicians who develop confidence with all 3 of the above skill sets.  Ableton and Push 2 will require you to have this blend of skills.  But, they will also help you develop these skills – like an educational/creative feedback loop.

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