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This short course demonstrates the process of recording a complete track using Push 2.  The track is very simple, but it is useful for students who want to develop a workflow on Push that incorporates the technology while producing a piece of music that is actually using music theory principles.  Steps include:

  1. Instrument Selection
  2. Setting a key and tempo
  3. Recording chords using triad pad shapes
  4. Composing/Recording a basic melody
  5. Using Session View to create track sections
  6. Record in Arrangement View
  7. Export
  8. FX Overview: Compressors, Reverb, EQ and Limiting

Students are encouraged to record and share their own mix (using the workflow outlined in this course).  The best way to learn is to DO it yourself - so, load up some instruments, practice the workflow and record/export a track.  Then, share the track in the course projects area and let us know what you learned and what (if any) feedback you'd like from fellow students or the instructor. 

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