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While a premium membership on is the best way to learn (with goal-focused mini-courses in ALL topics), some students prefer to purchase 'a la carte' courses through  A la carte courses are single-topic courses that are purchased individually.

Integrate MIDI, Ableton & Hardware

Great electronic music needs to be "playable" and not rely entirely on triggered loops.  Modern MIDI equipment can make live performance incredibly flexible and powerful - if you know how to do it.  Configuring it all and getting your MIDI routing correct can be an insurmountable challenge for many artists.

  • Learn how to reliably use an iPad as performance "dashboard"
  • Work faster and better with tested apps and tools that the pros use
  • Get creative with instruments, loops and sampling
  • Customize your own tweakable parameters and get expressive on stage!

Save Time. Build it Right!

Follow this clear, concise guide and start designing and building your own, highly personalized MIDI rig for live performance today.  This course is ideal for performing artists who want to modernize their rig with an iPad (or simply more flexible MIDI-based performance control.) 

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