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This course teaches intermediate rhythm and music theory for electronic music. Every lesson is brief and to the point,  explaining concepts in music theory that will inspire you to make better tracks in Ableton Live.
You'll discover new and interesting musical textures using chord inversions, syncopation, color tones and more. The course has bite-sized video lessons that you can stream on your phone. This course makes it easy to learn about everything from augmented chords to developing a better synth lead patch - whenever its convenient for you to learn. Plus, topics are demonstrated in Ableton Live and/or on the Ableton Push 2.

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While a premium membership on is the best way to learn (with goal-focused mini-courses in ALL topics), some students prefer to purchase 'a la carte' courses through A la carte courses are single-topic courses that are purchased individually.

Rhythm Theory and Polyrhythms

By the end of this course, you'll have tools for upgrading your beats and drum tracks.  You'll learn fast from lessons on Dubstep, Trance, Jungle/Drum and Bass and Techno.  Plus, you'll see (and hear) how asynchronous polyrhythms can liberate your tracks by using multiple time signatures at the same time.  Rhythm is all about timing, but that doesn't mean your beats have to be static and dull.  Music theory is about rhythm, too!  Techno, Dubstep, Jungle and Trance all use syncopation to create compelling patterns.  Learn how to program beats that are interesting, familiar and easy to dance to.

Electronic Music Production Using Music Theory

Music theory is more than the circle of fifths and the minor scale!  Electronic music benefits a lot from the application of the rhythm and music theory concepts discussed in this course.  For example, here are a few of the things music theory has to offer the Ableton music producer:

  • Use clip-specific time signatures (in Ableton) to create asynchronous polyrhythms
  • Smooth out your pads and chords by using chord inversions on Ableton Push 2
  • Make a "mysterious" breakdown using augmented chords
  • Learn to recognize "color" tones on the Ableton Push 2 (and by ear) and improvise better hooks

Music Theory Designed for Electronic Music Producers

Modern electronic music production requires familiarity with compressors, limiters, MIDI CC controls and even synthesizer parameters.  This course will demonstrate, in HD 1080p video, how to design a great lead synth patch, program beats and add FX.  Lessons and demonstrations are based heavily on Ableton and the Ableton Push 2 MIDI controller.  You'll learn how compressors and limiters are the same (and how they are different).  Then, elevate your live performances using MIDI CC and the Push 2 to create expressive performance controls, Ableton macros and more.

Dubstep, Trance, Jungle/Drum and Bass and Techno...

Rhythm is king!  Since there are almost too many electronic music genres to count, it can be hard to track styles accurately.  This course will help you become a "jack of all trades" in that department!  This course includes dedicated rhythm lessons on four important beat styles.  Learn how syncopation is used in dubstep, trance and jungle.  Learn how the kick features in jungle/drum and bass and how a techno beat relies on synthesized sounds and the more traditional house beat...

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