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Music theory is an incredibly powerful tool for making better beats, more compelling melodies and taking your electronic music production to the next level.  I've taught literally thousands of music students about music theory.  This course represents the most valuable and essential music theory lessons.  You'll learn about scales, rhythm, chords and much more.  This course is designed to help electronic musicians begin to use music theory in their work everyday.  These lessons are hands-on, practical and will give students all the background they need to talk about and think about music in the clearest way possible.

First, learn all 12 major and minor keys, triads and scales.  Then, learn how scales, triads and arpeggios are built and what chords they relate to, so that your electronic music productions can have more memorable harmonic chord progressions. Learn how (and why) harmony works, how to choose chords (including 7th chords) that go well together. Plus, watch it all being done live on Ableton Push 2 with hands on demonstrations throughout the course.

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While a premium membership on is the best way to learn (with goal-focused mini-courses in ALL topics), some students prefer to purchase 'a la carte' courses through A la carte courses are single-topic courses that are purchased individually.

Music Theory and Electronic Music

Electronic music should be more that 4 bar loops and beat libraries! Therefore, electronic musicians need to know how music theory makes better beats and produces better tracks.  Plus, music theory will help any electronic musician develop their own musical style (to set them apart).  You'll learn from hands on video lessons using Ableton Push 2 and Novation LaunchKey 49.  You'll see how to program a basic house beat, use triad chord tones for a perfect synth bass line and use Ableton scenes to creatively structure a great track.

Beat Making: House Beat and More...

This course teaches all the basic principles of good rhythm, counting beats and keeping track of time.  The course explains the concept of a back beat and they demonstrates the essential rhythmic elements in a house beat, garage beat and 2 Step beat.

Beat making will become more expressive and original when you know what the essential elements behind a specific style are.  The rhythm lessons in this course are presented through hands on demonstrations, so you'll understand the theory and practical applications.

How The Triad IS Music

Since Western music is based on the triad (a collection of 3 notes from any given scale) it is essential to ALL music.  This course teaches students how to use triads to create compelling melodies and perfect bass lines.  Learning to use the chord tones within a triad for your melodies and bass lines will make your productions better!

This course teaches everything an electronic musician needs to know about music theory basics.  You'll feel empowered to create more original tracks as a result of completing course.  Since you'll understand the essential differences between house, garage and 2 step beats, you'll be able to produce different sub-genres.

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