Top 20 Music Apps

iOS Music Apps Revealed!

This episode introduces my 20 iOS music apps. These are some of the most powerful tools around - for music students, music instructors and gigging musicians alike. Plus, you’ll get a concise explanation of each app, not just a long list. After listening to the podcast, you can download a full list at! Finally, please subscribe to the podcast by following on soundcloud - and never miss another episode!

Target Audience:
This episode discusses iOS music apps that are useful for music students, music instructors, band leaders, solo musicians, composers, gigging musicians and songwriters. These iOS music apps here are useful for any instrument.

Episode Length:
The length of this podcast episode is 26:56 minutes.

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Support Files:
This episode features my top 20 iOS music apps - apps that are most useful for music students, instructors and gigging pros. In addition to listening to this free podcast, you can download the podcast supplement and follow along. Each podcast references a free download that summarizes and/or expands on content in the podcast.

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