Playing Cooler Chords Pt. 1

Chord Substitutions: Cooler Chords Part 1

My private students often ask me why certain chords work together.  The question is a GREAT question and leads any thoughtful musician down some very interesting roads.  There is a very simple reason why certain chords work together, but the answer to this question also illuminates ALTERNATIVE chords that we can use.  That's really the … Continue reading Playing Cooler Chords Pt. 1

Acoustic EDM Manifesto: Mute the How

EDM Manifesto

Asking the Right Question 2015 and 2016 were banner years for my expansion into new styles of music.  Most memorably, I learned an important life lesson from Electronic Dance Music (EDM).  "EDM?", you say...  Yep, EDM.  It was EDM that forced me to reevaluate my long-held, (and totally untrue) belief that great work was accomplished by answering the question "how" - for example, … Continue reading Acoustic EDM Manifesto: Mute the How

Walking Bass Line Tutorial in 3 Steps (with Bass Tab)

Overview of a Walking Bass Line An awesome walking bass line uses chord tones, common tones, contour and flow. Read on and learn how you can build walking bass guitar lines.   This bass tutorial includes audio samples, walking bass line tab and a custom jam track.  So, lets get started! The bass line is often the … Continue reading Walking Bass Line Tutorial in 3 Steps (with Bass Tab)

Art, Business, Talent and Authenticity

Art is Risk Authenticity in music is risky... if you are social... and value the opinions of those around you.  Expressing my authentic reaction is a commitment of solidarity with those who agree with me. But, it is a commitment of antagonism toward those who disagree with me (which sucks if everyone disagrees with me). … Continue reading Art, Business, Talent and Authenticity

Music Protest & Live Performance

pro·test noun prōˌtest/ a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. Music Protest is a source of information and perspective for musicians and artists.  Most artists and musicians suffer significant sacrifice to make music the focus of their career.  We believe music is a gateway for human beings to express and understand life (and other people). … Continue reading Music Protest & Live Performance