Ableton Groove Pool and Rhythm Guide

Ableton Groove Pool and Rhythm Guide

Using Rhythmic Tools
Ableton's built-in tools offer amazing rhythmic control.
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What You'll Learn

Ableton Groove Pool

Electronic music starts and ends with beats.  But, the beat can be the death of a track just as often as it can breathe life into it.  One reason why beats suffer has to do with ‘groove’.  Does your track ‘groove’?  What is groove?  This course investigates the features of groove pool AND other tools that can be used to reenforce groove by integrating rhythmic elements throughout your track (not just in the drums).  Electronic musicians often puzzle over how to make their tracks come to life – how to bring “groove” into their tracks.  This course will provide perspective and specific methods for solving this challenge.

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll start by understanding how Ableton groove pool works. This includes a review of groove pool’s features and controls.  Then, we’ll expand our horizon to include powerful rhythmic tools including LFOs, clip syncing , humanizing and velocity sensitivity.  But, we’ll go further – to explore unconventional tools like the vocoder and gate side-chaining.

Breathe Life Into Tracks

Electronic musicians who understand how groove pool works will be better equipped to breathe life into their tracks.  However, a good beat is about more than simply programming drums.  It is critical to recognize the best way to integrate your beats with the other tracks.  To integrate your tracks you’ll be glad to discover that Ableton groove pool isn’t the only tool at your disposal! Using side-chaining, gating and a clear understanding of tempo subdivisions will open new paths to rhythmic integration.  This kind of rhythmic integration is the most powerful influence of Ableton’s groove pool… especially when coupled (and amplified) by Ableton’s other rhythmic tools.

When You’re Finished…

By the end of this course, you’ll understand how grooves can be built, modified and saved for use across your library.  You’ll discover methods for creating rhythmic force and integrity using unexpected tools – including vocoder, LFOs and gating.

What's Included?

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