Ableton Push 2 Scales, Chords and Music Theory

Ableton Push 2 Scales, Chords and Music Theory

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Ableton Push 2 Scales

Learning how Ableton Push 2 scales and chords are laid out is a critical skill for electronic musicians.  Building major and minor scales and understanding how chords are extracted from those scales is what this course is all about. Electronic musicians looking for a deeper understanding of music will get a lot out of this course. The topics explored in this course will provide you with valuable clues about why certain chords keep showing up together and how to create fresh chord progressions by identifying less common chords that will work.

Where You’ll Start…

This course begins by explaining how a major scale is built using a formula.  Then, you’ll learn how chords (or triads) are built from there.  As your understanding progresses, you’ll start to realize that new chords (and progressions) are available to you.  You’ll learn where 7th chords come from – and how they relate to simpler triads.  This course covers simple music theory concepts that have far-reaching impact in your electronic music productions.

Use Chords on Purpose (Not By Habit)

Using the Push 2 “In Key” mode is one of the most powerful features of Push 2.  We’ll see how to setup your Push 2 so that you can play any chord with a simple finger pattern and KNOW that everything you play will sound musical.  However, the real power comes from understanding the music theory that underlies “In Key” mode.  With knowledge comes power, right?  Absolutely.

When You’re Finished…

By the time you’ve completed this course, you’ll understand both major and minor scales.  You’ll be aware of the chords that work together in any key and have a concrete grasp of putting them together for your own chord progressions.  In addition, you’ll recognize how the Push 2 relates to a traditional keyboard and how to use simple visual patterns to make music on Push 2.

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Rated 5 out of 5
March 14, 2021

Thanks, Will! Great course for progressing with my push scales. Much needed.

Martene Jonsehn
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