5 Major Scales on Guitar

5 Major Scales on Guitar

Unified Fretboard Skills

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What You'll Learn

All Guitar Scales (5 Shapes)

Whether you think you know the 5 shapes and fretboard navigation, ask yourself…

  • Do you feel confident finding any shape in a any key anywhere on the neck?
  • Is it easy for you to switch between playing rhythm (chords) and lead (scales)?
  • Do you know that the 5 ‘shapes’ also represent 5 guitar modes?
  • Have you got a good exercise plan for practicing and improving these skills?

Where You’ll Start…

This course starts with a series of discussion-style lessons that explain how octave patterns, the 5 shapes and CAGED are the key to unlocking and demystifying the guitar fretboard.    You’ll understand how to relate navigate the fretboard precisely in any key.  You’ll learn that you only need to memorize 5 patterns to find any chord or scale in any key.

Take Command of Your Fretboard

The CAGED system isn’t really enough to help you play the guitar fluently.  Unfortunately, the CAGED system only helps you navigate basic chords, but it doesn’t show you how to switch to playing a solo or lead, right?  That’s where the 5 scale shapes and their related octave patterns come in.  But, this isn’t just a set of lessons on how to play scales (we have YouTube for that :).  No, this course correlates octaves, scales & CAGED.  This course links it all together, so that you can start improvising a solo in any key… or switch effortlessly between rhythm and lead.

When You’re Finished…

After completing this course, you’ll see the fretboard as a series of 5 manageable patterns.  You’ll recognize where the important chords are at any time and in any key.  You’ll understand how the fretboard works in a simpler and more elegant way.  Even if you already know the 5 scale shapes and the CAGED system, this course will bring it all together and show how they are related.  That is key to fretboard mastery!

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