Beginner Film & Game Music: Conveying Emotion

Beginner Film & Game Music: Conveying Emotion

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Beginner Film & Game Music

Film and Game music composers understand and use the same compositional concepts every time they produce music for a film or game.  Music production is different from music composition because composition empowers the music to convey different moods and emotions.  This course discusses, explores and walks students through important compositional concepts and shows how they can (and are) used to convey emotion in film & game music.

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll kick things off with a quick look at 3 different musical ‘cues’.  Each cue conveys a totally different musical landscape.  This is accomplished through thoughtful use of rhythm, harmony, cadences, color & timbre.  Each concept is discussed and demonstrated.  Each lesson builds on the last – making it clear how to compose and what tools to use for different emotions.

Compose for Specific Emotion

While the tools of the trade are the same for all composers, their ability to craft meaningful music that amplifies and frames the appropriate emotional context is a true art.  This course provides beginner composers (and hobbyists) the chance to follow along, step-by-step as 3 distinct ‘cues’ are dissected and reverse engineered.  We’ll look at how rhythm contributes musical cohesion.  We’ll hear that harmonic choices (including cadences) set a context and help tell a story.  We’ll employ themes and variations as a paradigm for melody writing that sets a musical ‘character’ in a musical ‘situation’ to convey emotion.

When You’re Finished…

By the time this course is complete, you’ll understand the components of a good composition and how they should be used.  This course is for beginners, but the walkthroughs provide valuable insights into how to start making the right creative choices with your rhythm, harmony and melody to convey emotion effectively.  You’ll understand how rhythm, harmony and melody are used in each of the cues to convey the intended emotion.

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