Beginner Fingerpicking Guitar

Beginner Fingerpicking Guitar

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Beginner Fingerpicking Guitar

This course represents a simple method for beginner fingerpicking on guitar.  These lessons are ideal for established beginners who are transitioning to intermediate guitar skills.  The course relies on using a metronome, counting time correctly and being able to play chords in your fretting hand easily.  It’s important that students are able to focus most of their attention on the fingerpicking hand, rather than the fretting hand.

Where You’ll Start…

The course begins by analyzing and demonstrating the best way to position your fingers (and which strings to assign them to).  By developing the right posture and hand position, you’re sure to have better success as you begin learning fingerpicking guitar.  Knowing how to start then leads into knowing how to practice… and ultimately, how to mix rhythms while fingerpicking to create familiar sounds.

Get Started Fingerpicking, Properly!

Fingerpicking can seem like a straightforward thing, but good technique separates the good players from everyone else!  This course presents a tried-and-true method that I’ve taught hundreds of times with great success.

When You’re Finished…

If you’re a beginner fingerpicker, this course will get you up and running with good technique, the proper concepts in mind and with approachable, effective exercises to work on as a beginner (and for a long time after).

What's Included?

Will Edwards

  • 30mins of video
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Instructor support available

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