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Cubase Chord Track

Have you ever wanted to change the chords in your recording or music production, but couldn’t figure out how to do it without ruining your whole project?  If you are a producer who wants maximum flexibility with this kind of advanced edit… this course will be a game changer!

Where You’ll Start…

This course kicks off with concise descriptions of the tool.  You’ll learn:How to find chords to create new progressions

  • How to build complex progressions
  • How to record on a keyboard (without being a piano player)
  • How to extract a chord track from a MIDI clip!
  • Tips, tricks and more..

Quickstart Your Workflow

If you’re a seasoned Cubase user who isn’t taking advantage of the Chord Track, this course will offer you a quick jumping off point.  If you’re new to Cubase and trying to identify production best practices, then you’ll certainly want the Chord Track to feature in your workflow!  Thanks for check out this course – stick around and learn from my experience!

When You’re Finished…

I’ve produced and recorded, edited and mixed in Cubase for years and I’ve always been quick to adopt new features with every new version.  When the chord track was announced, I was excited.  But, when I learned to use it… well, it became an essential part of my workflow. In this course I’ll share my insights and strategies for working more flexibly with chord progressions in your Cubase productions!

What's Included?

Will Edwards

  • 58mins of video
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Instructor support available

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What students say...

Super useful

January 16, 2022

The chord track is so powerful and I can’t believe it isn’t talked about more. Will, you’re a great teacher and I thank you for exposing more about Cubase on your channel!

Rafael Sanders

I wasn't getting it

December 30, 2021

Cubase really drives me crazy sometimes. Now I feel like I understand this powerful feature I’m able to make music way faster.

Angie Nutal

Better Than Udemy!

July 3, 2021

Hey guys! Will – I took your course on Udemy, but now that I can use the lesson plans here it all makes a lot more sense. I feel like Udemy has faster video playback and this website is more responsive. But, the lesson plans here kept me motivated better. The course material is spot on. Thanks for sharing your Cubase knowledge!

Tina M

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