Cutting Through the Mix with Neutron

Cutting Through the Mix with Neutron

Exposing a Mix's Features

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Cutting Through the Mix

One of the biggest challenges in making a great mix is getting specific tracks to ‘cut’ through the mix.  Sometimes getting the lead vocal or synth to ‘cut’ through is a simple matter of filtering, eq and compression.  But, sometimes it can be really challenging – especially when multiple tracks share a similar spectral identity (for example a guitar and vocal or multiple guitars or synths).  When you’re facing that kind of challenge, it’s really nice to know you have some powerful tools to do a great job, quickly!

Where You’ll Start…

At the outset, we’ll be focused on Sculptor – one of the most powerful tools in Neutron.  Sculptor makes it easier to tweak an individual instrument/track to be heard and sound balanced (given its own identity and frequency range).

Exposing Your Mix’s Feature

In this course, we’ll look at solving this problem with features like:

  • Machine learning Track Enhance
  • Visual Mixer (Pan, Width & Level)
  • Sculptor
  • Share your mix & lessons learned!

When You’re Finished…

By the time you’ve completed and understood the lessons in this course, you’ll have a good grasp of how use Sculptor, Track Enhance, Visual Mixer, Snapshots and more.

Skills Covered:

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