DIY Audiobus iOS Mobile Studio

DIY Audiobus iOS Mobile Studio

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Audiobus iOS Mobile Studio

Modern music requires modern tools and the Audiobus iOS Mobile Studio is about as modern as it gets!  It enables electronic musicians to connect apps and hardware under one roof, so music is fun again!

Where You’ll Start…

This course kicks off by identifying what makes Audiobus popular – and unique!  We’ll discuss how Audiobus came to be and why it has become one of the few non-apple iPad standards for app developers and musicians.  We’ll walkthrough the methods  for bringing MIDI and audio into Audiobus.  As the course continues, every detail is demonstrated on screen, so you’ll be able to follow along on your own device and get up and running quickly.

Make Your Music Mobile

Audiobus makes it possible to connect apps and hardware and make music anywhere (or on the go).  This course demonstrates how to feed Audiobus with MIDI from an Ableton clip, how to record guitar (through the BIAS FX guitar simulator app) and ultimately mix and edit using either the Audibus Mixer or an Audiobus DAW (like Cubasis).

When You’re Finished…

By the time you’ve finished this course, you’ll know what Audiobus does and how to use it.  You’ll see how easy it is to create MIDI busses and Audio busses to link together your favorite apps and hardware.  The course wraps up with a project/exercise designed to help you test out Audiobus for yourself.

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