DIY Pre-Mastering with Ozone from iZotope

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DIY Pre-Mastering with Ozone from iZotope

Do Your Own Mastering with Ozone
Go beyond Ozone 9 features and learn mastering concepts including loudness, workflow and mastering for streaming.
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Mastering is sometimes considered to be a black art within audio production and engineering circles.  That was probably appropriate in the past, but these days software mastering tools can put a lot more power in your hands than you may think!  This course is focused on pre-mastering – a phase of finalizing your production before mastering.  Learning to pre-master can give you more control over the final master AND give you a clearer understanding of just what a mastering engineer is doing :)

iZotope Ozone contains several modules which are like plugins within the plugin.  Modules include: Dynamics, Dynamic EQ, Equalizer, Exciter, Imager, Low End Focus, Master Rebalance, Match EQ, Maximizer, Plugin, Spectral Shaper, Vintage Comp, Vintage EQ, Vintage Limiter and Vintage Tape.  Modules can be used in any order and can be rearranged at any time for ultimate signal processing flexibility!

Loudness targets, true peak and codec previews are a few of the essential tools that pros use to master for streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.  We’ll cover many of these features in this course, so that you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your compression bitrate, format and dithering.

Ozone Master Assistant

Master Assistant makes mastering with Ozone a snap. While this tool may not always produce the same results as an experienced mastering engineer, it certainly helps to get a beginner up and running very quickly.  Master Assistant uses machine learning and AI to master your track based on a variety of criteria – including vintage vs. modern signal processing (which you’ll learn about in lesson #4.

Maximizer Placement

A maximizer is a commonly used tool for controlling final loudness and overall volume.  However, the placement of this module in your signal processing chain can have significant consequences.  In lesson #8, you’ll gain valuable insight into the kind of considerations that should inform your maximizer placement.

Mastering with Ozone

Mastering with Ozone is easier for beginners and home studio engineers because it makes some smart and difficult decisions for you.  Ozone is capable of making great decisions because it has ‘learned’ how a great master should sound – using machine learning and AI.

iZotope Insight

Mastering audio is always going to be smoother process if you can measure various details about your audio.  For example, you’ll want to see the stereo image, LUFS, peak, input vs. output levels and much more.  iZotope Insight is a plugin that provides all of these measurements in an easy to understand UI.

Loudness Metering

In lesson #5, you’ll learn how to set a target loudness using Ozone.  Mastering with Ozone is so easy because it can solve a number of different mastering problems.  One common problem is how to reach a target loudness (for Spotify, YouTube, broadcast, etc.).  If you’re producing music for different delivery channels, loudness targets can save you a LOT of time and energy.

A/B and Gain Match

Ozone’s gain match feature provides your ears with an even ‘playing field’.  Usually we hear spectral characteristics differently at different gain levels.  In simple terms, we tend to favor louder audio.  So, your ears can be tricked into thinking something sounds good… but, really it just sounds loud.  Ozone makes it easy to hear A/B comparisons that don’t have any gain differences (in other words ‘gain matched’).  You’ll learn all about using this helpful feature in lesson #9.

Mastering for Streaming

Master Ozone features like lossy translation and codec preview.  Take the guess work out of making your final master sound exactly the way you want once it is streamed over the internet as a lossy (compressed) format.

Reference Tracks

Whatever style of music you’re producing, you’ll need to shape your final master to precise specifications of loudness, spectral response and dynamic range.  Mastering with Ozone makes getting all of this done easier with reference tracks.  Simply load a hit track into Ozone and ask it to master your track to match!  Ozone will decide which modules to use and then customize the settings for  each module to match any reference track you throw at it!

Tonal Balance

iZotope’s Tonal Balance plugin is a powerful tool when used in conjunction with Ozone.  Tonal Balance offers you a simplified graphical interface for sculpting your entire mastered mix.  Tonal Balance also works with IPC and Relay to give you granular control over your track’s frequency response… all in one simple view.

Ozone 9 Low End Focus

Ozone mastering modules now include Low End Focus – a tool for sculpting and/or boosting your bass response while keeping it well defined and in control.  Use the Crest Factor indicator to get a visual read out on your bass’s dynamic range.  By relying on the Crest Factor indicator, you can ‘see’ how your bass is going to translate to your listener.  Low End Focus makes it easier than ever to get your bass right!

Mastering with Ozone Modules

Begin your tour of iZotope Ozone by learning the modules and identifying the goals of your mastering project.  Learn to optimize loudness with the Ozone Maximizer module and sculpt your spectral balance with Low End Focus and Tonal Balance.  A great master balances highs, mids and lows, but there’s much more to a modern-sound master recording.  iZotope Ozone contains several different modules to help you with metering, low end and even matching a reference track.  Learn these tools, so that you can take control of your audio productions.


If you’d like to have the maximum influence over your final master, then pre-mastering is a skill you’ll want to have.  Pre-mastering with Ozone follows the same workflow and uses the same processing that mastering engineers use.  The goal of a pre-master is to refine (and finalize) your creative vision.  A great pre-master is often ready for delivery in today’s streaming market.

When You’re Finished…

This course will get you up to speed with the best tools in iZotope Ozone.  After completing this course, you’ll know which module to use for each aspect of mastering.  From bass control to mp3 lossy translation and maximizing loudness with Ozone Maximizer this course has you covered. You’ll develop the confidence to avoid audio artifacts and measure your mix’s vitals to optimize your tonal balance and bass response.

All in all, Ozone is a powerful suite of modules, but only if you know how to use them.  This course will teach you everything quickly, so you can start mastering today.  Plus, you can always reach out to me directly with questions – all Music Protest courses come with my full support 🙂

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What students say...

Very Useful

June 30, 2022

This software is a lot cheaper than my first mastering job – that is for sure! This course was especially useful around mastering for streaming so thanks!

Penny Flores

Cubase User

January 9, 2022

I’m a heavy cubase user and I’ve learned a few very handy things over the years. I’ve had a copy of ozone for years, but never really could get to grips with it. Lots to learn I’m sure, but I really liked this course alot.

Rafael Sanders

Filling the Gaps

August 23, 2021

I took your other courses on Cubase, here and on Udemy. I tried messing around with the old and new (in 11) dither tools and I didn’t really feel very confident about my mastering. I don’t expect to become a world class mastering engineer, but I want to make my final mix good enough to share and post online. This course and a copy of iZotope Elements got me there. Thanks, great job!

Hoyt Sawyer

Tight course, awesome software

August 22, 2021

iZotope is pretty much helping me finish my tracks out of the box. I’m super impressed and all Will’s iZotope courses are awesome. Just get on board – you’ll be glad you did!

Tim Portillas

Never Knew

July 4, 2021

I didn’t really know exactly what Ozone was for or how to use it. I use Cubase mostly and I always used to use their plug-ins. After watching your course on udemy, I thought I would be better off using real mastering plug-ins. This course was great! Thanks.

Tina M

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