Practicing in 12 Keys

Practicing in 12 Keys

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Fretboard in 12 Keys

There are 3 main reasons for learning to play scales and chords on the guitar fretboard in 12 keys.  First, it makes it easier to see the patterns in music because each key will be an offset variation of the original patterns you were playing.  Second, a guitarist needs to use the whole fretboard and feel comfortable anywhere.  Playing in 12 keys encourages that skill in significant way.  Finally, practicing in 12 keys is good ear training.  That means that you’re making your ‘ear’ for music more refined every time you practice in 12 keys.

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll start off this course with an overview, and explain why and how a simple chromatic pattern on the fretboard sets the stage for playing in all 12 keys.  As the course develops, we’ll be using this chromatic series (a.k.a. the 12 roots) over and over again.  This principle pattern is essential and powerful, yet simple and concise.

Fretboard Freedom

Guitar students often know a region of their fretboard (usually the first 5 frets) and the rest of the fretboard is a total mystery.  This is unacceptable… and cumbersome!  Why live with such a constraint?  Often players don’t recognize how restrictive this is or they don’t know how to easily fix it.  This course offers one of the most concise and simple ways to break out of that constraint and start using the whole fretboard in 12 keys.

When You’re Finished…

Every region of the fretboard will make sense and be available to you as you play.  Whether you’re playing on stage, in rehearsal or on your own, knowing your fretboard is a powerful advantage.  Being able to understand how keys (and their related patterns) can be moved effortlessly around the fretboard is liberating and inspiring.  So, enroll and see how the simple 12 root pattern can help you unlock your fretboard in 12 keys!

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Will Edwards

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