Guitar Arpeggios for Beginners

Guitar Arpeggios for Beginners

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Guitar Arpeggios for Beginners

Discover guitar arpeggios for beginners – simple, but powerful. This course is designed for students who already feel comfortable on the fretboard and counting time. So, if you’re still wrestling with how to hold a guitar or strum chords we’d recommend completing both GT-CB-101 and GT-CB-102. Students will take their first steps to playing their first guitar solo!  This means mastering the 3 fretboard patterns for 3 common arpeggios (maj7, m7 and dominant).  With these 3 arpeggios (the course includes video demos and guitar tab), you’ll be able to play along with the vast majority of popular music from the last several decades.

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll start by explaining what an arpeggio is and how to play the most common patterns on the fretboard.  Arpeggios come in several different flavors, but this course will focus on the 3 most common types.

First, we’ll learn the major 7 (maj7) arpeggio and see how we can reuse a single, simple fretboard pattern.  Next, we’ll learn the dominant arpeggio – commonly used with major and minor chords throughout all kinds of music.  After learning to transpose arpeggios to different locations on the fretboard (and play simple guitar solos), we’ll finally learn the minor 7 (m7) arpeggio.

Start Your Guitar Solo!

Many beginner guitarists misunderstand the fundamentals of playing guitar solos.  It is commonly misunderstood that it is a black art that requires uncommon skill or god-given talent.  While all that doesn’t hurt, all a guitarist really needs to start playing guitar solos is a quick recall of maj7, m7 and dominant arpeggios.  That’s all this course aims to do – train you on the 3 most useful guitar arpeggios for beginners.

When You’re Finished…

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to play the 3 most common arpeggios.  You’ll understand which arpeggios to play with the common chords in your favorite songs.  Finally, you’ll have the tools to improvise your own melodies when you’re playing music with other musicians!

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Will Edwards

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Still Great

May 27, 2021

I think you look a bit younger in this one, Will :). Older videos, but the lessons hold up. I wish I’d had these arpeggios a long long time ago.

Shane You

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