Guitar Chord Ear Training

Guitar Chord Ear Training

Learn to hear chord changes
Separate consonance and dissonance in melody and chords with your ears.
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What You'll Learn

Guitar Chord Ear Training

Guitar chord ear training can help you predict the future!  Guitarists can train their ears to hear specific characteristics in music and then predict what will happen in the music next.  For guitarists with this skill, performing and jamming is transformed into a totally confident experience.  Luckily, this skill can be learned – it is not simply an innate talent that some people “just have”.  This course will get you there (with practice).

Where You’ll Start…

First, you’ll need to learn about simple consonance and dissonance.  Then, you’ll need to go over the different intervals on the fretboard (don’t worry, we walk through it step-by-step) and see what consonance and dissonance sound like.  The foundation for ear training starts here.  This course offers a clear graphical and sonic walk-through and pairs that with explanations to back up what you hear with the right terms and concepts from the start.

Hear Chord Changes Coming

Once you get familiar with the consonance and dissonance of simple intervals, you’ll have the foundation for learning to predict the future… of chord changes that is :). You’ll learn about 3  main forces in harmony – resolution, tension and suspension.  You’ll learn that these forces are bound to specific chords in every key (that we identify with numerals, so you’ll understand how it works in ALL keys – not just one).  Plus, you’ll gain insights into common harmonic cadences and how they relate to the 3 forces and the specific numeral chords that the course focuses on.  It’s everything you need to know and its filled with listening opportunities.

When You’re Finished…

By the time this course is complete, you’ll understand (and be able to identify) the consonance or dissonance of every possible interval on the fretboard.  You’ll understand how to identify what chord is being played and why it is creating either resolution, tension or suspension.  These powerful insights will likely transform your guitar playing (especially in songwriting, jamming and improvisation) because your ear will be giving valuable instant insights into how and why chords in the music are functioning.

What's Included?

Will Edwards

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