Essential Guitar Chord Theory

Essential Guitar Chord Theory

How/Why Chords Work

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Guitar Chord Theory

Too few guitarists understand the guitar chord theory that holds their chord together (musically speaking).  Learning how to play a few chords is something every guitarist does at the beginning.  But, most guitarists get confused by unusual chords and find themselves always writing songs with the same few common chords.  This course will help you see that the entire pantheon of chords can be easy to understand.  You’ll learn how and why chords sound good together.  This course is a must for songwriters and will help any guitarist feel more at ease picking up new songs and reading chord charts off the internet.

Where You’ll Start…

Chords start with triads and triads are defined by scales.  You don’t need to know scales to understand where chords come from. After you learn about triads, you’ll get a clear explanation of the most common chord types: major, minor, dominant, half-diminished, diminished and augmented.  We’ll also talk briefly about how chord inversions work.

Understanding Chord Theory

Whether you indent to strum songs around the campfire or write songs and perform on stage, this course will demystify guitar chord theory for you.  Many guitarists haven’t learned why certain chords go together in a song.  This course explains how chords are built from a ‘parent’ key.  Plus, it is common that guitar players fear chords they don’t know how to fret on the neck – like diminished and augmented chords.  But, these chords are used by famous recording artists like Garth Brooks and Fleetwood Mac.  What you don’t know will slow you down and this chord makes even the most uncommon chords easier to understand deeply.

When You’re Finished…

Even if you don’t like music theory, this course will make you a better guitarist.  Chords are an absolutely essential part of playing guitar and you’ll be using chords for everything you do.  So, it’s better to understand where they come from and how they are related to each other.  When you’re done taking this course, you’ll know all of that and more.  You’ll have an expanded vocabulary of chords and understand a bit more about how different chords express different emotions to your audience.

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