Start-Up Basic Guitar for Beginners

Start-Up Basic Guitar for Beginners

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Guitar for Beginners

This is where new students should start learning guitar for beginners. This course will teach students how to tune, hold the guitar and use the fretboard properly.  In addition, you’ll learn to play your first chords and a major scale – while developing proper technique and good habits.

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll start by showing you how to tune your guitar with a mobile tuner app. The lessons offer a suggestion for a good-quality free app for tuning (including a metronome). You’ll learn how to identify the tuning pegs on your guitar and name them with musical notes.  Once you’ve been oriented with your instrument, you’ll learn other fundamental skills.

Students will learn about good guitar posture (tips on elbow and hand placement).  Posture is very important and so is using all 4 fingers on the guitar fretboard!  Not only will this course teach students the proper technique for fretting the fretboard, but it’ll also introduce guitar tabulature.  We’ll go over how to play a major scale starting with one octave and then (later in the course) learning 2 octaves.  Scale lessons will include an explanation of reading guitar tab and reenforce the proper fingering technique for developing dexterity.  Learning to practice correctly is key to staying encouraged as you’ll see more consistent results as you progress.

Learn Songs & Scales

Of course, many guitarists are interested in learning how to play their favorite songs.  So, students will be introduced to the most common open chords (a.k.a. “Cowboy” chords).  Using these chords, you’ll be able to start playing real music. and introduce how to practice.

When You’re Finished…

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll feel comfortable picking up your instrument, strumming chords and playing a major scale.  You’ll also have an introduction to good technical habits, including how to practice with a metronome (included in the recommended mobile tuning app).

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