Guitar Solo Fretboard Theory

Guitar Solo Fretboard Theory

Navigate Your Fretboard in Solos
Learn to play solos by playing "thru" the chords. Learn fretboard patterns as we write licks with theoretical structure.
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What You'll Learn

Guitar Fretboard Theory

If you’re struggling to create your own guitar licks, improvise musical guitar solos and navigate the fretboard in a creative yet precise way – then this course will help you overcome whatever has held you back… until now.  Learn how to translate any chord progression into a well-structured guitar solo using simple fretboard patterns.

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll use principles related to the CAGED System.  Although we’ll review important information, this course will be most constructive for guitar players who are familiar with the CAGED System and the common major scale on the guitar.  Once we’ve reviewed the most important principles, we’ll get into writing some guitar licks and see how to make them fit perfectly into any chord progression.

Solo Over Any Chords

Improvising (or even pre-planning) a guitar solo can seem like an overwhelming task when you think about how many chords *might* be in the song you’re soloing over, right?  Wrong.  This course shows you how to make any chord progression into a framework of pre-planned licks.  As you practice them, you’ll be developing your own personal “lick library” and you’ll be able to plug them in just about anywhere.  The trick to this is understanding how octave patterns and scale patterns work together to make the guitar fretboard easy to navigate.

When You’re Finished…

There is so much substance in this course that you may need to watch and rewatch it to get all the goodies :). But, by the time you’ve digested all the tips and guidance in this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of how the guitar fretboard is patternized to assist you in playing better solos.  You’ll recognize that scales and octave patterns are navigational tools that unlock the mysteries of the fretboard elegantly.

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