Learning Cubase MediaBay

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Learning Cubase MediaBay

Boost Your Productivity in Cubase
Get organized by unifying your samples, packs and libraries
Who's this course designed for? Audio & Production, MIDI, Music Composition

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What You'll Learn

Cubase MediaBay

Cubase MediaBay is a powerful music production tool that eases many of the pain points in the average music production workflow.  Indeed, it is an asset that doesn’t get enough attention from loyal Cubase users.  In this course, you’ll learn to:

  • Customize MediaBay for your purposes
  • Troubleshoot Bad Searches
  • Navigate and Leverage the Attribute Inspector
  • Resolve Syncing problems
  • Learn to Audition Samples in Context!

Where You’ll Start…

Within the first several minutes of this course, you’ll begin to understand how customizing MediaBay makes all the difference when it comes to using MediaBay to enhance your personal, specific workflow.  Troubleshooting MediaBay is more often a matter of understanding how it is supposed to work.  So, we’ll dive into the most common gotchas and get them sorted right off the bat.

Boost Your Productivity

As the course progresses, you’ll deepen your workflow using the Attribute Inspector, powerful search tools and even customizing the search results in MediaBay to further optimize your workflow.

When You’re Finished…

If you wrap up the course by completing the recommended project then you’ll take ownership of a powerful new asset in your Cubase arsenal – MediaBay will be conquered!  You’ll understand how it works, where users most commonly go wrong and how it’s deep features will begin to help (rather than hinder) your next music production.

What's Included?

Will Edwards

  • 49mins of video
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Instructor support available

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