Mixing Low End in Neutron

Mixing Low End in Neutron

Mix better bass with Neutron

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Mixing Low End with Neutron

Mixing low end with Neutron (iZotope’s flagship mixing suite) offers ultra-precise control and measurement over the role and impact of your mix’s bass frequency range.  Neutron offers a variety of valuable tools for mixing bass – some are ultra modern and some have long traditions.  Learning to use the full suite of tools is the goal of this course.

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll launch this course with some demonstrations in bussing and gluing.  Often, these are the main areas of a mix where low end management is most important.  So, you’ll learn what bass SHOULD be doing in your mix.

Mix Better Bass

Bass can be unwieldy.  Sometimes it can be the thing that overwhelms everything else in the track (bad) or is absent from a mix, leaving it lifeless and shallow (worse).  A balanced low end will bring the polished shine to your mixes that you are looking for.  iZotope Neutron (and Ozone, as we see in some lessons) offers us the most modern creative tools for finding that sweet spot and making our mix feel powerful (without feeling overwhelmed).

When You’re Finished…

So, by the end of this course, you’ll know what Neutron is capable of – specifically where mixing bass is concerned.  You’ll know how to use Sculptor, Automation and Dynamic EQ to control, shape and optimize your track’s bass response.

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