Sampling in Your Cubase Productions

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Sampling in Your Cubase Productions

DIY Sampled Virtual Instruments
Learn an intuitive approach to creating sample-based virtual instruments for your next Cubase production
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What You'll Learn

Sampler Track in Cubase

If you are using Cubase, then you’ll have the added advantage of studying and exploring all the sampler track presets for ideas for your next virtual instrument.  While I love the originality of DIY sampled instruments, Cubase’s presets offer a broad range of creative patches to study and learn from!

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll start off by getting oriented with the Sampler Track’s features for sound and virtual instrument design.  Then, we’ll quickly jump into the ins-and-outs of manipulating samples in the Sampler Track to create different sound qualities and timbers.

DIY Sample-Based Instrument

Learn an intuitive approach to creating sample-based virtual instruments for your next Cubase production using the Sampler Track.  Sampling audio and making your own virtual instruments is easier that ever before and will expand your creative potential in many ways:

  • Easy to make TOTALLY original sounds
  • Blend synthetic and “real” sounds together
  • End your reliance on presets
  • Use FX/DSP

When You’re Finished…

If you’re looking for a way to make your music productions more *original* then sample-based instruments is one of the best ways to do that!  I’ve been using sample-based instruments in my commercial recording studio, music licensing projects and home studio productions for years.  Much of what you’ll learn in this course is true of Sampling in general, so  if you’re using Ableton, ProTools or another DAW (besides Cubase) then this course will offer you valuable insights into how sample-based instruments should be designed.

What's Included?

Will Edwards

  • 53mins of video
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Instructor support available

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Cubase, cubase, cubase!

February 20, 2022

I’m loving Cubase – my first real recording software. This course was another big help figuring out what the features are and how to use them. I’ve been creating sample tracks out of samples I had lying around. Still a work “in progress” – but I can see the potential. Your teaching style fits my way of thinking. Thanks!

Rafael Sanders

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