Simple Jazz Bass Primer

Simple Jazz Bass Primer

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Simple Jazz Bass

This course make it possible to play simple Jazz bass.  The fact is that many bassists find Jazz confusing and intimidating.  The best Jazz bassists are amazing – and their bass lines are often complex.  However, it is still possible for the beginner to learn the ins and outs of playing simple jazz bass.  The most common challenge is learning to interpret fast-moving chord progressions in realtime.  It gets even more challenging when the chords have strange symbols that make it look more like hieroglyphics than a chord chart!

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll start by deconstructing a very simple arpeggio-based bass line (over a 12-bar blues).  You’ll learn that a bass line can be improvised more easily if you learn to turn chords and notes into numbers.  In fact, THAT is the larger lesson of this course.  Before you can effectively learn to play by numbers, you need to understand keys, tonics and the major scale.  This course will bring any beginner up to speed on these important concepts.

Playing Bass By Numbers

Learning to play bass by numbers involves 2 main skills.  First, you must recognize how a chord quality (major, minor, dominant, etc.) represents a specific scale degree within a key.  Second, you must know how to immediately execute that quality’s arpeggio.  In later courses, you can learn these skills.  THIS course explains the principle and should be enough for the highly motivated player to figure out what to study next.

When You’re Finished…

By the end of this course, you’ll understand how the tonic and key are different (and how they’re the same).  You’ll recognize that scale degrees within the major scale provide us with a way to connect chords together and identify their qualities.  You’ll learn what it means to turn chords and notes into numbers.  Along the way, beginners will get a review of the major scale and the influence of dominant chords in Western music.

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