Strumming II

Strumming II

Guitar Strumming Consistency

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Guitar Strumming Consistency

Keeping beats and strumming correctly (using downstrokes and upstrokes) will form the backbone of good guitar strumming technique.  Unfortunately, lacking these skill will undermine your strumming for life.  This course goes beyond the basics of timing and into a more thorough explanation of how beats, strums and groove are related.

Where You’ll Start…

We will start out by reviewing how to count, tap your foot and track time effectively and reliably.  Then, we’ll dive into note values and a thorough look at subdivisions like 1/8th notes and triplets.  That creates a jumping off point for our discussion about upstrokes and downstrokes and mixing simple rhythmic concepts about duple and triple time.

Get Better and Practice Better

One of the main intentions behind this course was to help guitarists develop a practice routine that is simple and effective!  So, as you move though the course, you’ll see that the counting tips and other insights all serve to equip you to make smarter decisions when you’re practicing your strumming.  In turn, that will help you get better, faster.

When You’re Finished…

By the time you’ve finished the lessons in this course, you’ll be able to break down any rhythm into 1/4, 1/8 ths or triplets.  You’ll understand how to strum those correctly, using downstrokes and upstrokes.  Plus, you’ll know how to practice and know WHAT to practice, so that you continually improve.  Of course you can always reach out to me directly along the way with any questions you have 🙂

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