Strumming for Beginners

Strumming for Beginners

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Strumming for Beginners

When you’ve learned the essential basics of playing guitar (tuning, fretting and posture), it’s time to learn strumming for beginners.  This course starts by teaching you common chords, upstrokes, downstrokes and how to properly count musical time.  This course builds on the lessons in GT-CB-101 and dives deeper into how guitarists strum with good timing and learn to count time properly.  In this course we’ll review chord diagrams, downbeats, strong beats and ways to improve your chord transitioning (using the same “Cowboy” chords from GT-CB-101).

Where You’ll Start…

We’ll start by introducing downstrokes and upstrokes (and why to use one or the other).  We’ll review the most common open chords and use them to enhance our sense of rhythm and timing.  Of course, we’ll continue making use of a metronome as we study a series of exercises related to counting time.

Students will learn about down beats and strong beats and how they help us measure musical time by counting beats.  One of the most common challenges related to strumming for beginners is transitioning chords quickly and precisely.  This course gives you the tools to beat both of those challenges.  Each lesson either outlines a clear exercise or offers helpful advise directly related to improving both your speed and precision when strumming the guitar.  You’ll improve your timing and feel confident tracking musical time as you play.

Strumming Songs Intuitively

Playing music is the goal for strumming guitar and beginners are usually looking forward to playing along with their favorite songs.  Unfortunately, poor rhythm and bad strumming habits often make that impossible.  However, you’ll overcome those challenges easily by learning how to count time, measure bars and beats and practice correctly.

When You’re Finished…

Towards the end of this course, we’ll outline a 12-bar strumming exercise and jam track exercise that brings everything you’ve learned under one roof.

Related Skills:

This course offers integrated lesson plans* (daily practice routines) related to the following skills:

*Lesson plans available with student memberships.

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