Triads, Extensions and Chord Performance on Ableton Push 2

Triads, Extensions and Chord Performance on Ableton Push 2

Learn Push 2's Pad Layout
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What You'll Learn

Ableton Push 2 Chords

Do you fully understand the Push pads?  Do you know how to play a C major chord?  What about quickly playing a 4-chord progression in any key?  This course explains how to do these things and more.  There’s no fluff – just straight forward demos of how the Push 2 represents chords, triads and harmony in general.

Where You’ll Start…

Electronic musicians need a framework for understanding and getting creative with their instrument.  In the case of Ableton Push 2 users, the Push 2 has a variety of features that every user should understand.  This course clearly and concisely describes how those features work, so that you can get up and running faster… making better music along the way.

Better Chord Performance

Performance is one of the main reasons why I started using he Push 1, years ago.  The Push 2 added many usability tweaks that made performance more fun.  However, the fundamental skills in this course – playing triads, understanding extensions and compound chords and using the In Key feature to play more freely using the push – play a critical role in how you’ll make decisions during a performance.

When You’re Finished…

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to play any chord.  Furthermore, you’ll understand how to  build more creative chord progressions using extensions and compound chords.  Equipped with these insights, you will elevate your creativity both in performance and in the studio by resolving any confusion you may have about what the Push pads really represent.


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Will Edwards

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