Wavetable Synthesis Background

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Wavetable Synthesis Background

Wavetable synthesis offers a unique form of synthesis that was born in the digital era.  Since it uses (very small) digital audio samples as waveforms for synthesis, it is NOT an analog form of synthesis and has unique applications in music production.  This course discusses the features and design of wavetable and is not unique to any particular synth. However, the lessons are set in the context of Ableton’s Wavetable synth.

Where You’ll Start…

This course starts with a history of wavetable technology – specific synthesizers that had an impact on wavetable’s development.  In order to understand the power and flexibility of wavetable, it helps to see how certain hardware devices helped to shape the art of wavetable sound design.

Get a Better Sense of Wavetable

Whether you’re using one of the formidable hardware wavetable synths or the robust plugin built into Ableton Live, wavetable requires context before you can have good luck using it.  We’ll discuss comparing wavetable to subtractive, additives and FM synthesis.  Those discussions will help to show the similarities and the differences between different forms of synthesis.  This course offers perspective on wavetable, no matter what kind of synthesis background you’re coming from.

When You’re Finished…

By the time you’re finished with the course, you’ll understand where wavetable came from, how it is unique and where it has good applications within music production.  Furthermore, this course puts wavetable into context, showing you how wavetable is related to other important types of synthesis – Subtractive, Additive and FM.

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