Ableton Bouncy Notes

Use partial physics to replace a static arpeggiator or bring a playful texture to your music productions.

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Ableton Inspired By Nature

Long Summary

Dillon Bastan’s Inspired By Nature devices includes one very interesting particle-based generative MIDI device called Bouncy Notes.  This is the only MIDI device as it is most typically placed after a MIDI source (in the same way you might apply an arpeggiator.  This device releases bouncy balls that bounce around in a space to create musical notes.  You can:

  • Control the gravity and friction of the space
  • Change the mass of the bouncy balls
  • Control behavior when the ball encounter a barrier

This device is part of a family of new max for live devices developed by Dillon Bastan. Bouncy Notes is the only MIDI device, but they all function around principles of physical motion and dimension to create generative music. In this livestream, you’ll learn all about the device and how its most common functions work to make sound and music. Plus, to complement this awesome device, Dillon published manuals for all the devices in the Ableton Inspired By Nature pack. These manuals make for a valuable insight into the designers intentions for each device and offer the most detailed explanation of all their features.