Ableton Drive & Glow

Sound pack designed to support rapid assembly of pop, rock and modern tracks in a variety of genres.

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Drive & Glow

Long Summary

Drive & Glow offers a ton of new new audio loops oriented around various pop genres.  I could see this pack working well as a sample source for hip hop, trance, pop and rock.  As you’ll see in this video, I’d start by slapping some clips together to get a rough idea together.  Then, I’d figure out the key and scale to use and sequence out some ideas of my own.  Ultimately, I might develop some new sampled instruments and mix the live clips with my own sequenced licks to craft a final production.  Drive and glow sounds modern and fun!

As I worked more with this pack, I feel like it offers me a way to assemble ideas (like a construction kit) and get in the right mood and context for generating a new production.  All the loops and content here is flexible – not only in terms of the genres they’d be appropriate for, but also because it can be played as loops or resampled and chopped to create new instruments entirely.