Ableton Drone Lab

This is a great sound track for creating dark, cinematic landscapes.

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Drone Lab

Long Summary

Deep, dark and foreboding describes this rich new palette that comes with Ableton 11 Suite.  Filled with sounds that are excellent for creating many different kinds of ambient contexts for your tracks and productions.  Not only is it easy to find a sound that works, but these drone sounds are pre-packaged with effective and fun macros that make tweaking, performance and automation very, very satisfying!

I’ve used this collection for trailers, cues and subtle pads behind more traditional tracks.  These drones are filled with swelling, breathing dynamics that keep the ear interested and engaged – though never distracting from the other elements in your mix.  I particularly enjoy the stereo field of many of these sounds since they really convey a “feeling”, not just a pitch (as drones sometimes are limited to doing).