Ableton Drum Booth

Drum Booth offers a high-quality multi-sampled acoustic drum kit that is perfect for layering with electronic drums to create fresh, rich character.

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Drum Booth

Long Summary

Drum Booth is a great sound acoustic drum kit in its own right and can be used very effectively for just that purpose alone.  With all the drum kits that come with Ableton (not to mention my other softwares), I find myself wondering what I need another drum kit for :). But, this one offers a refreshingly simple suggestion… layer it with your other drums!

Ableton makes a helpful suggestion by indicating that this drum pack is best placed in tandem with electronic drum kits to deepen your grooves with effective, layered sounds.  The samples in this kit are high-quality, rich and compelling.  But, as you’ll see in this livestream, the effect of layering it with an standard (and relatively thing 808) immediately revealed a sound that was at once old and new… all the credibility of an 808 punch with the modern richness of layered beats.  Kudos to Ableton for putting together a kit that is so immediate and satisfying!