Ableton Emit

Combining granular synthesis with particle-based physics offers Ableton 11 users a powerful textural instrument.

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Ableton Inspired By Nature

Long Summary

Emit is part of Dillon Bastan’s Inspired By Nature sound pack that ships for free with Ableton 11.  The pack as a whole is totally original and a LOT of fun to tweak (if sound textures are your kind of thing!).  This device is one of 2 granular devices, meaning that it makes sound using grains – or tiny samples of a larger audio sample.  Emit requires a sample to get started, then you enable up to 2 different “emitters” which generate particles that function on the grain synth to mangle and generate some of the most unique sounds possible.  One of the outstanding things about this complex instrument is how hands-on and intuitive it can become after using it for a short while!

This device is part of a family of new max for live devices developed by Dillon Bastan. Emit is one of 2 granular devices in this pack and offers a more immediate and predictable sound output than its counterpart Vector Grains. Nonetheless all of Bastan’s devices function around principles of physical motion and dimension to create generative music. In this livestream, you’ll learn all about the device and how its most common functions work to make sound and music. Plus, to complement this awesome device, Dillon published manuals for all the devices in the Ableton Inspired By Nature pack. These manuals make for a valuable insight into the designers intentions for each device and offer the most detailed explanation of all their features.