Ableton Latin Percussion

Authentic sampled percussion will undoubtedly add flair and personality to your productions and performances!

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Latin Percussion

Long Summary

Pulling together authentic percussion patterns is one of the least likely things the average electronic musician can do… unless you have a cultural heritage or musical passion for latin music, this style of percussion may seem elusive.  I thank my lucky stars for Ableton’s Latin Percussion sound pack because it offers both great sampled instrument racks AND totally amazing live clips that I can just drag and drop to add authentic, believable latin grooves to my productions and performances with a minimum of fuss 🙂

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to program the fundamentals of a tresillo and clave rhythm – both essential rhythmic concepts for latin beats.  These instrument racks are sampled, not synthetic.  This pack is designed for acoustic sounds and works well as an added layer to existing productions AND as a foundation for new productions – when you’re looking for inspiration.

Pro Tip: Load up a live clip and experiment with muting/deleting instruments to get simpler patterns (just the bongo or just the congas, etc.).