Ableton Mood Reel

Mood Reel fulfills its promise by offering us a lot of modern sonic fodder for injecting ambience into live performances or compositions.

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Mood Reel

Long Summary

I’d recommend this pack to anyone doing music production for film, tv and games.  It is packed with useful instruments, drones, textures and foley/found sounds.  This kind of sound pack can really elevate your productions by making them sound more modern and polished.  If you want to get an idea of the flavor of this pack, check out the 3 demo project that it includes.  They do a great job of showcasing the different textures – from light to dark, exuberant to lethargic – that this sound pack offers.

Mood Reel contains a LOT of different kinds of content.  It contains over 2800 samples (although these are mostly one-shot textures, not loops that would be suitable for chopping up).  But, mangling some of these samples would be a great start for generating original sweeps and risers AND they could be awesome for manipulating inside a grain synth (like Padshop – my personal favorite).  There is an inspiring set of MIDI clips and construction kits to make drag n drop composition more attainable.  I really liked the drum racks for their textures and originality.  But, the instruments and the FX devices are also a strong addition here for making these textures more performable for live settings.