Ableton Session Drums

Session Drums comes in 3 flavors... all together, they add up to offer flexibility, convincing beats and pro-quality sampling.

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Session Drums

Long Summary

Session Drums includes 3 massive sample libraries and a large number of well-designed, easy to use drum racks.  Here’s a list of the 3 ‘flavors’ and what they are designed for:

  1. Session Drums Studio – Great for producers who want realistic, acoustic drum parts quickly and are happy to accept what they’re given.  Sure, there is some customizing options, but you’re under no obligation to tweak anything.  These samples are ready for prime time.
  2. Session Drums Club – A version of session drums that are drenched with ‘live’ sound – lots of room mic ambience.  While these might fit the bill for blending with other live drum recordings, they may be too effected to work well in many contexts.
  3. Session Drums Multimic – More like Studio than Club, these instrument racks offer professional producers and real drummers access to extremely refined levels of control.  By far the most flexible, these racks are also the most hard to handle – requiring some smarts before you’ll get the best sound.

All the Session Drum packs are meticulously sampled and sound great!  They offer a variety of mics and kit pieces that many of us can’t (or won’t) pay for on our own, so they offer a valuable expansion to most people’s sample libraries right away.  While I offer up my favorites in this video, you might find that you favor a different sound from one of these 3 professional drum libraries.