Ableton String Quartet (Spitfire)

Spitfire Audio, an industry-standard sampling resource for the pros among pros have assembled all new string samples that elevate Ableton.

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Long Summary

Spitfire Audio’s name recognition among film and TV composers is legend.  They record great samples and create highly expressive instruments that can stand in for the real human most days of the week.  So, with Ableton’s addition of a legit Spitfire string pack there is another compelling reason for composers to take Ableton seriously as a DAW.

This pack is based on all new samples and relies on Sampler – the built in, advanced sampler plugin that has called Ableton home for a very long time.  While Sampler is a very deep instrument beyond the scope of this livestream, Spitfire is using it here to create string instruments that are easy to use.  You’ll be moved and immediately see the improvement over Ableton’s (no very secondary) Orchestral Strings pack.  Ableton 11’s new Hybrid Reverb is also featured heavily here in addition to new MPE capabilities.