Ableton Unnatural Selection

Strong Techno vibe in a collection focused on construction kits and drag 'n drop sounds with a dark and pulsing vibe.

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Unnatural Selection

Long Summary

I started looking through my Ableton packs for something I could use for a quick and dirty Trance track.  This wasn’t really it, but it does shape up well for Techno and that’s where I’d use it next time.  This could also be used effectively in any situation where you want some sound FX-type samples or experimental synthetic sounds.  The pack contains many loops that could be chopped, mangled and used as sonic inspiration.

This sound pack dates back to Ableton 9, so it is an older pack and is more oriented around construction kit material than the more modern sound packs that Ableton is putting out these days…  The construction kit model is helpful if you want the gratification of making music very quickly, but I prefer more flexibility with being able to find sounds and clips based on my own criteria.  For example, names like ‘Retrograze’ don’t help me find inspiration quickly.  I think the more modern sound packs (like Drone Lab for example) make it much easier to find the kind of sound I’m looking for.