Ableton Voice Box

Discover a collection of tuned male and female vocal vowels and phrases to use as sampling and granular fodder (or as... vocals!)

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Long Summary

Sometimes you need a vocal because it has timbral properties you just can’t get anywhere else.  Sometimes you want the power of a choir and other times you may want something sonorous to feed into your granular synth or sampler.  Voice Box hits the mark with a nice, though limited, collection of relatively raw vocal samples.  There are presets and phrases to get started with in the event that you’re looking for some vocal inspiration.  I could imagine creating a simpler instrument and drafting a vocal melody using this unique sound pack.  However, I find it best suited to using in my granular synth – or Ableton 11’s fascinating Vector Grain or Emit max devices (in the Inspired By Nature pack).

Instruments include:

  • Chromatic voices – with samples to aimed at simple choral arrangements or experimental vocal sounds
  • Harmonic vocal racks – stark, but useful vocal collections oriented into keys for easy matching in any context
  • Vocal percussion – perfect for programming a beatbox… if you want to 🙂

While there are musical MIDI clips and some vocal audio FX racks, this pack is going to take some creativity on your end to fit into most musical contexts.  Nonetheless, these vocal racks and FX make for an interesting study into uses for the human voice that you may not have thought of.  Wherever there’s something new and unknown… well, you may find inspiration and that is what sound packs are all about!