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Get a jumpstart on music-making by choosing whatever tools and resources you want from our growing collection of all-free downloads. When you’re done with troubleshooting a problem and you just want a solution – check out our newest categories: “Making Music” and “Live Performance”. You’ll also find numerous free lesson supplements, music theory resources (scales, arpeggios and more) and free sample packs.

Music Theory

  • Free Music Theory Resources - Learn Music Theory with Free Resources If you have questions about what parts of music theory will be useful for understanding and learning modern music, look no further than the following list of free educational downloads and materials. continue...

Music Lessons

Making Music

Live Performance

Online Course Materials (For Enrolled Students Only)

If you are looking for downloads related to Music Protest’s online courses, please refer to our Student Portals.  Student Portals represent the most up-to-date and complete set of course coupons, articles and downloads related to each online course.