4 Blues & Rock Licks

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What You'll Need For This Exercise...

You’ll want to download the PDF of guitar tab available in the “Materials” tab on this exercise page.  Alternatively you can follow along on the soundslice for this exercise.

How to Complete This Exercise...

  1. Practice and memorize the 4 licks in the guitar tab (downloaded PDF or on soundslice).
  2. There are 4 bars in the guitar tab.  Each bar is a lick.  Therefore, there are 4 licks in this exercise.
  3. All licks are designed to be played over the key of G major.  So, grab a jam track on YouTube or play along with your loop pedal (if you have one).

Continuing to Improve...

Try to be expressive with these licks.  Feel free to modify the phrasing or timing in order to make them your own.  These licks are just. a starting point, so as you practice make an effort to make them your own 🙂

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