5 Major Scale Patterns – Snake Exercise

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What You'll Need For This Exercise...

This exercise requires that you learn to play along with guitar tab.  You can download the tab from the “Materials” area of this page.  Or, you can play along with the soundslice.

How to Complete This Exercise...

  1. Once you have accessed either the downloadable guitar tab (PDF) or loaded the soundslice in your browser, start practicing it at a very slow pace – around 60 bpm with your metronome.
  2. Be careful to use all 4 fretting fingers and notice the string slides that transition between the 5 scale shapes.

Continuing to Improve...

After you are able to play through the entire “snake” exercise at a slow tempo, practice repeatedly.  Try to increase your tempo (metronome bpm) every 3-5 repeats.  When you are able to play the exercise at 120 bpm, you can be sure you know it pretty well :). Please note:

  • Don’t rush your speed!  Good technique (using 4 fingers, executing good slides, etc.) is critical to your success.
  • Slow practice is essential.  Count the beats (“1”, “2”, etc.) as you play to a metronome to develop good internal rhythm.
  • Be careful to employ great alternate picking – ESPECIALLY when switching between strings.