Finger Planting

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This exercise has a soundslice interactive guitar tab. Click above to go straight there...

What You'll Need For This Exercise...

All you’ll need for this exercise is your guitar and a browser opened to the interactive guitar tab.  You should also be aware of the following fingering (for the picking hand, NOT the fretting hand) indicators:

  • ‘p’ – thumb
  • ‘i’ – index finger
  • ‘m’ – middle finger
  • ‘a’ – ring finger

How to Complete This Exercise...

This beginner warm-up is precisely designed to warm-up your fingers for fingerpicking.  However, learning to plant your fingers (represented in this tab by the muted notes) is absolutely crucial to getting a good facility with fingerpicking.

  • Start at a slow, comfortable tempo.
  • Plant a full D major chord with your fretting hand.
  • Pick along with the tab (keeping good time) using the ‘p’, ‘i’, ‘m’, or ‘a’ finger indicated by each note in the notation.
  • Pay very, very close attention to the planting of your fingers (a new D major chord each time).  The planting moments are indicated by the muted chord (and also clearly labeled above the notation).

Continuing to Improve...

  • Be aware of matching the playback timing, correct fingering (p,i,m,a) all while getting good tone from the strings.
  • Each time you plant your fingers, plant a full D major chord… that will set up the strings for your picking hand.
  • I highly recommend starting at a slow pace, so that you’re only playing these diads at a comfortable pace.
  • Remember that you can set loops to repeat custom-selections in the tab.  If you’re not sure how to use the looping feature check out my Soundslice Video Tutorials.  Looping is a great way to improve more quickly by focusing attention on a specific challenge.