Fretboard Pulsing

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What You'll Need For This Exercise...

All you’ll need for this exercise is your guitar and a browser open to the interactive tab on

How to Complete This Exercise...

Fretboard Pulsing
Every other beat, loosen your grip on the fretboard while strumming to get a mute sound.

Here, the method is all about repetition!  If you find it too challenging to fret some chords quickly and/or create articulate rhythmic strumming patterns, then this exercise will help you out :). You’ll get more comfortable with using your fretting hand to mute the strings, thus giving you more control over the fretboard and the clear articulation of your intended rhythms.

  • Start by loading up the soundslice.
  • You’ll notice that every other beat in the guitar tab consists of ‘x’ marks – these indicate dead notes (or muted notes).
  • Play along with the tab (preferably looping it in soundslice) and create the muting sound by loosening your fretting hand grip.  Don’t use palm muting or any strumming-hand muting – this is an exercise focused on developing this skill in your fretting hand only…

Continuing to Improve...

  • Be aware of matching the timing as accurately as possible.  That focus will improve the rhythmic quality of your muting.
  • I highly recommend starting at a slow pace, so that you’re only playing/muting at a comfortable pace.
  • Remember that you can set loops to repeat custom-selections in the tab.  If you’re not sure how to use the looping feature check out my Soundslice Video Tutorials.  Looping is a great way to improve more quickly by focusing attention on a specific challenge.