Live Digital Warm-Up

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What You'll Need For This Exercise...

This exercise is intended for electronic musicians who want to practice their craft daily to improve.  The warm-up has 3 components:

  1. Beat making
  2. Live Mixing
  3. Live FX

How to Complete This Exercise...

Just like any instrumentalist, you will benefit from daily practice and continually improving your fundamental skills.  This exercise isn’t targeting any particular gear, but rather looking at fundamental performance skills related to electronic musicians.

  1. Beat making warm-up
    1. Start by loading up your performance gear (Ableton/Push, Machine, Octatrack, etc.)
    2. Sequence a standard beat (House, 2-Step, Trance, Techno, Garage or Drum ‘n Bass)
    3. Try to complete this within 8 beats of music (2 bars).
  2. Live Mixing
    1. Introduce a second instrument (synth, sample, etc.)
    2. Mix/blend that second instrument in with the beat you made in step #1.  Be focused on avoiding any drop outs, interruptions or distractions as you mix.
    3. Introduce a third instrument and mix/blend it in as well.
  3. Live FX
    1. Apply one of the following FX to your 2nd and 3rd instruments (mixed in during step #2)
      1. LFO
      2. Envelope
      3. Filter
    2. Be focused on using your FX to maintain and increase your music’s energy.  Make sure all the FX contribute, but never distract!

Continuing to Improve...

Doing this for a few minutes every day will develop stronger skills with using critical tools – LFOs, Samples, Envelopes, Beats, Filters and mixers.  Keep in mind: everything you add or take away in electronic music should be either creating anticipation (you should know where your music is actually going) or energy (keeping people dancing!).  This warm-up can help you refine your skills, get quicker with your hands and learn to be creative on demand.

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