Multitrack Mixing (Rock Band)

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What You'll Need For This Exercise...

Learning to mix takes time… and lots and lots of practice. This exercise offers students a way to get some practice – for free. You’ll need to download the exercise materials – a zip file containing audio tracks that you can drag and drop into your DAW and start mixing, right away!

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • OH (Over head drum mics)
  • Vocal
  • Guitar (rhythm and solo)
  • Bass

How to Complete This Exercise...

  1. Download the Flac Audio zip file (and unzip it!).
  2. Drag/Import the Flac tracks into your DAW – any DAW (including the Cubasis app) will work 🙂
  3. Each track should be on it’s own channel. But, they’re all the same length so you shouldn’t have to time-sync anything.
  4. Start mixing! This is practice time 🙂

Continuing to Improve...

Start your mix by listening. Make notes and identify your goals early in the process. Here are some useful questions to ask before you start mixing:

  • Are any tracks ‘hidden’ or obscured? Can you fix it?
  • Do the tracks ‘sit’ well together?
  • Are the tracks loud enough? Or, too quiet?
  • Is the bass, midrange and treble balanced?

Beginner Mixing and Mastering for Audio

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