Multitrack Mixing (Gospel)

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What You'll Need For This Exercise...

Learning to mix practice and it’s always a great idea to step outside your familiar genres and learn the dynamics of other musical styles. This exercise offers students a way to get some practice with some gospel-ish tracks (a rendition of Amazing Grace). You’ll need to download the exercise materials – a zip file containing audio tracks that you can drag and drop into your DAW and start mixing, right away!  Download the .zip collection in the “Related Materials & Downloads” tab above.  You’ll get the following tracks:

  • Drums
  • Female Vocals 1-3
  • Lead Female Vocal
  • Male Vocals 1-4
  • Piano
  • Rhodes
  • Bass

How to Complete This Exercise...

  1. Download the Audio zip file (and unzip it!).
  2. Drag/Import the wave tracks into your DAW – any DAW will work 🙂
  3. Each track should be on it’s own channel. But, they’re all the same length so you shouldn’t have to time-sync anything.
  4. Start mixing! This is practice time

Continuing to Improve...

Start your mix by listening. Make notes and identify your goals early in the process. Here are some useful questions to ask before you start mixing:

  • Are any tracks ‘hidden’ or obscured? Can you fix it?
  • Do the tracks ‘sit’ well together? Do they sound “real” and “natural”?
  • Are the tracks loud enough? Or, too quiet?
  • Is the bass, midrange and treble balanced?

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